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We offer on site ceremonies for no additional fee with your wedding package. Depending on the season and your vision for your wedding, there are a few options for where to hold the ceremony. While deciding on the ceremony location, consider length of your ceremony, how many guests you have, and whether you want to provide seating for your guests. Below are some of the options for ceremony layout.


Please note: We do not offer packages for ceremonies only.

Outdoor Ceremony Options
Lawn Ceremony

The lawn allows for full seating under our cafe lights. This setup allows for a traditional aisle with a concealed entrance for the couple. The lawn is a great option for couples with a more traditional ceremony in mind. With this option, you will be married in front of the rustic love bird fence with the option to bring an arch or any other alter decorations you envision. We also have an arch that is available to you.

Fountain Ceremony

This setup allows the option for seating or standing. There are several places around the fountain that other couples have used in the past. This option works well for shorter or more intimate ceremonies. This also a great option for people having seating on the lawn. The fountain area is easily tented.  You can also choose to get married on or in front of the stage.

Indoor Ceremony Options
Dining Room Ceremony

This is a great option for couples that don't want to worry about the weather. You will get married in front of the beautiful mantle and fireplace. This option offers seated or standing layouts. It provides a traditional isle with a concealed entrance for the happy couple. After the ceremony, the space can be used for cocktail hour or dancing. 

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